We’re currently seeing all clients online.

We're currently seeing all clients online.

Jessica Wolfal, M.S., LPC

jessica military families cousneling cleveland, ohio 44122, anxiety, depression, self-esteem

Are you or your family going through changes such as a divorce, new marriage, or managing a blended family?

Have you been feeling lost, angry, or alone to the point you want to die?

Are you a military family struggling to reconnect or adjust to moves, deployments, and separation?

Life changes are difficult. We all go through things in life that are overwhelming. Some people seeking help are struggling with the loss of a loved one. At the same time, others are dealing with changes in family dynamics and family stressors. My goal is to help address these emotions and experiences. I work with a variety of mental health and emotional issues, including:

  • anxiety
  • anger
  • depression
  • sleep difficulties
  • relationship transitions
    • separation, divorce
    • new marriage
    • new parents/ step-parents
    • loss of family member or friend
  • family of military and active-duty members
    • deployment
    • adjustment after deployment
  • self-esteem, self-worth

Blended Families

I work with individuals and families struggling with angry youth. Having an angry teen can lead to confusion, arguments, and frustration.
Sometimes it’s hard as a new step-parent to connect with your step-child. As a step-child, it can feel like your step-parent is trying to take over your life. These feelings are common. I help blended families to develop healthy boundaries. Also, they learn how to connect in new and meaningful ways.

Help for Military Service Members and Families

military mom and child smiling. counseling for military families and active due members Cleveland, Ohio 44122, Assistance with anxiety, depression TBI, traumatic brain injury, alcohol and drug abuse and use, sleep difficulties, re-entry, deployment, anxiety, self-esteem, therapy can be helpful to work through these unique problems.

I help individuals, couples, and families with military service members and veterans. Including:
  • brain injuries
  • military family life issues
    • deployment
    • reentry
    • parenting changes
    • marriage stress
  • substance and alcohol use
  • loneliness due to deployment
  • sleep difficulties
I stay up to date on the best care approaches for service members and their families. Learn more about Star Behavioral Health Providers.


An Integrated Approach

I enjoy using various tools to help clients. Motivational interviewing helps inspire change. Also, trauma-based care provides support. Also, I offer Christian counseling.
Keeping up with training helps me to provide the best care. This allows me to be creative, caring, and supportive.

Start Therapy Today

It takes a lot of courage to begin counseling. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions that you may have. Request to schedule an appointment.

I look forward to helping you on your journey of healing.

Other Online Counseling Services

Life is hard. We are here to help. Counseling services is online for anyone in the state of Ohio. We treat depression, self-esteemgrief, anxiety, and more. Pre-marital counseling or couples counseling is also available online.