We’re currently seeing all clients online.

We're currently seeing all clients online.

India Brown, MSW, LISW-S, CCTP

India Moore Black therapist certified trauma counselor specialist, major depression therapy, counseling for anxiety, therapy for black women, and women of color. Cleveland, Ohio 44122

Do you have memories from the past interrupting your day?

Are there times you cry yourself to sleep because of overwhelming grief?

Do disagreements with the most important people in your life set you back?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, I invite you to read further.

Your mental health is a Priority.

Pain is a valuable resource that you have used to help you grow. Life can be overwhelming, chaotic, and challenging, but you refuse to sink. You know what it means to reach a goal and the struggle to get there. People tell you “you are so strong.” Because of the battles, you keep things to yourself. You know you need more than your usual support systems to help you stay afloat.

We all need a safe, non-judgmental sounding board that offers support and assurance. This is why I am glad you are reading this. I do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach. Express your needs and preferences so that I can tailor treatment to you. Together we will get you through this. 

My areas of specialties include: 

Trauma/ Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Portrait Of Depressed Woman Sitting Alone On The Bed In The Bedroom. Couseling for anxiety, depression Cleveland, Ohio . Trauma therapist, counseling for black women. India helps with managing PTSD, self-esteem, grief, setting boundaries.



stress management

No matter your struggles, I am committed to your healing process. Through our work together, you will learn to find acceptance and discover your values.


Working with a Trauma Therapist

As a certified trauma therapist, I help people overcome past hurts. We refer to these hurts as “trauma.” Trauma can be an event or a series of events that are hurtful or scary. 

Examples of traumatic events include:

  • experiencing or witnessing physical, sexual, and emotional abuse
  • dealing with a family member with an addiction or mental health problems
  • experiencing or witnessing violence in the community
  • natural or human-made disasters and forced displacement
  • sudden unexplained separation from a loved one
  • poverty
  • discrimination
  • childhood neglect

Trauma can impact a person’s quality of life. Even something that happened in childhood can carry over to adulthood. Addressing trauma helps a person come to terms with what happened. Trauma impacts people in different ways. One of the ways trauma harms is by creating difficulties. These include: 

  • struggling to build and keep healthy relationships
  • feeling distrust for others
  • feeling unsafe with people or certain types of people
  • difficulty accepting self
  • inability to set healthy boundaries
  • uncertain of how to communicate needs
  • experiencing shame, particularly in intimate relationships

 If you feel that any of these experiences apply to your life, addressing trauma may be very helpful to you. 

Black therapist counseling-Certified trauma therapist. Help for PTSD, trauma Beachwood, Ohio 44122. BLack therapist for black women, helpful, depression, anxiety, effective happy therapy. Counseling in Ohio

I believe in your healing process. Now is the best time ever for you to be your best you. Request an appointment to get started. 

Other Counseling Services

If you want help to see real change in your life, start here! Online Counseling is available for anyone in the state of Ohio. We treat depression, self-esteemgrief, anxiety, and more. Pre-marital counseling or couples counseling is also available online.

More About Me

  • Membership: National Association of Social Workers / 886644873
  • Certificate: Evergreen Certifications / 746922
  • Certificate Date: 2020
  • License #: I.2002103-SUPV
  • Years in Practice: 8 years