We’re currently seeing all clients online.

We're currently seeing all clients online.

Angelia Worley, M.A., LPCC-S

Angelia Worley is the owner and therapist at Rebirth. Angelia is a Christian counselor that helps with a variety of issues such as depression, anxiety, self-esteem, marital problems, boundaries and more.


You are a hard worker, but it feels like you are not making any progress. You have done all the right things. Although life has been painful and disappointing, you have overcome it. You are successful in many areas of your life. People rely on you to solve problems and be their “confidant.” You are loyal, trustworthy, kind, and smart.

 So, what’s the problem?

You are tired of being mistreated by others. You struggle with setting boundaries and loving yourself fully.  Although you have experienced success, you feel like it’s not legitimate. Believe it or not, the way you feel is not uncommon.

I walk alongside my clients as they encounter and recover from different life experiences. Helping them to learn hope and healing exists. Situations from earlier in life may impact us in unexpected ways. We need to take the bold step of seeking help for growth and healing. I treat


Pre-Martial & Marriage Counseling

Many partners struggle with managing conflict. Although they are not on the brink of divorce, it does not mean they have not thought about it a time or two. You do not have to wait until things get “bad” before seeking a therapist.

I am a certified PREPARE/ENRICH facilitator. PREPARE/ENRICH is a research-based program to help couples strengthen their relationship. This program is particularly useful for premarital counseling. I am working on Certification for Emotionally Focused Therapy.  This is my preferred approach for couples looking to strengthen their attachment with each other. Couples who would like to use EFT would need to sign a video consent form for recording. This will help me to continue to improve my skills and receive effective feedback from master trained EFT clinicians.

Build tools for your relationship to thrive. Read more about Marriage and Couples Counseling.

Spiritual Focused Counseling with a Christian Counselor

You can request Christian Counseling. Although, you do not need to be a Christian to receive faith-centered therapy services. Enhance therapy through blending in Christian practices. How much and how often is based on your level of comfort and preference. Clients must feel comfortable sharing their values and beliefs. I create a judgment-free space for you to share. My hope as a Christian Counselor is that you become whole in mind, body, and soul.

Start Therapy in the Cleveland Area with AngeliaImage of the word "start" on a road showing how Christian counseling with a Christian Counselor can help you start your journey toward mental health. Counseling for women in Beachwood, Ohio 44122 close to Cleveland

Therapy comes from the Greek word “therapueo”. This means to reverse a condition, to restore a person. I believe in anyone’s ability to change their situation.
Courage + Hope + Persistence + Person-focused care = Your transformed life
You have the strength it takes to make the changes you want in your life. Are you ready to work together? Request an appointment.

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Other Counseling Services

We provide a range of counseling services at our Beachwood Counseling Office. Online Counseling is available for anyone in the state of Ohio. We treat depression, self-esteem, anxiety, grief, emotional eating, and more. Live your best life. We are here to help.


Other information about Me

Hello, I am the founder and Owner of Rebirth Counseling and Therapy Services. I went to Seminary to become a Christian Counselor. However, I have spent most of my career providing a wide range of services, not just Christian Therapy. I have worked with children as young as 3 years old and adults as young as 80+. I have experience working with different cultures and people from various walks of life. Each person has a story. Every story is important and matters.

Life is not just about working, I have fun. Balance is important. I enjoy deep breathing skills, walking in the woods, and journaling. I use coping skills too! The most important skills to practice are prayer and constant gratitude.

I hope you enjoyed reading a little more about me. I look forward to working with you.


  • Years in Practice: 11 Years
  • School: Ashland Theological Seminary
  • Year Graduated: 2010
  • License and State: E.0900558-SUPV Ohio
  • EFT Trained Externship and Core Skills Completed




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