We’re currently seeing all clients online.

We're currently seeing all clients online.

Christian Counseling

Have you been struggling to hear God?

Are you a Pastor, Minister, or Church leader having trouble balancing expectations of ministry and your personal life?

Do you feel that God is angry with you, or are you angry with God?

Do you feel that you have lost your faith or struggling to find it again?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Christian Counseling might be a good fit for you. Christian Counseling is the blending of biblical principles, scripture, and prayer with counseling techniques. Individuals experience relief from mental and emotional stressors and increase spiritual fulfillment. Work with a therapist who understands your values and provides a caring and supportive approach. They can help address both mental health and be sensitive to your spiritual development.

Counseling for Pastors & Church Leaders


Serving in leadership for a ministry can be very rewarding. It is uplifting to see growth in the church and in the lives of the ones you serve. On the other hand, being a leader Man holding bible. Spiritual frustration. Christian counseling in Beachwood, Ohio 44122. Cleveland Area and surrounding communities. Help with anxiety, depression, self-esteem. Struggling with addiction, loneliness, pornography and more. Pastors have it tough. With the help of Jesus, the Holy Spirit and Christian Therapist, you will make it through. We pray, use the bible and scripture to aid in your transformation. can feel very lonely. Your life does not stop when you are leading and helping others. You deal with challenges, temptations, stresses while continuing to serve others. How can one pour for an empty cup? Maybe you find yourself running on fumes, going through the motions, and feeling far from God.

You are not alone. We offer Christian Counseling specifically for ministry leaders. We understand the toll ministry can take on your health, finances, relationships, home life, time management, sense of self, and your relationship with God. Please do not hesitate to reach out and trust us in your process of restoration and renewal.

Therapy for Spiritual Issues

As a Christian or a seeker, you desire to live a faithful lifestyle. You work hard to have a life in line with Biblical teachings and find joy in your everyday life. However, Woman with her hands up in a field. Christian Counseling in Cleveland for pastors and church leaders struggling with burnout, depression or anxiety. Christian Therapy in Beachwood, OH 44122sometimes you do not have the energy to finish the day. You notice that you are feeling discouraged, or activities that were once enjoyable are not anymore. You worry that maybe God is mad or you and sometimes wonder if you are angry at God.

Do you find it hard to develop a consistent devotional regimen, maybe falling asleep in the middle praying before bedtime, or see yourself spiritually frustrated? You’ve tried reading the Bible, and you feel it is hard to connect with and understand. You can receive help through Christian Counseling to identify the root problems that impact your connection to God and learn to increase feelings of joy and spiritual satisfaction. Read more about Spiritual Fatigue here.

Christian Counseling in Cleveland, Ohio Area

You do not need to be a Christian to have Christian Counseling. However, we can incorporate scripture, prayer, and other Christian-based interventions according to your comfort. We believe in treating both the natural and spiritual part of a person to experience true peace and unity within themselves and with God. Work with one of our Christian Therapists today or request your Counseling appointment.


Other Counseling Services

Woman smiling and looking up. Christian Counseling in Cleveland, OH available for depression, anxiety, overeating, self esteem and more. Beachwood, OH 44122At Rebirth Counseling, we do more than just Christian Counseling at our Beachwood, OH counseling clinic.  Many of our clients choose not to discuss faith during their course of treatment. We offer a wide range of mental health services for individuals of all types.  Our services include depression counseling, anxiety treatment, pre-marital counseling or couples therapy, help for overeating, counseling for better self-esteem & more.  We even offer online counseling for people anywhere in the state of Ohio. If you are looking for support, you are in the right place!